• The Boiler Repair

    Whether you own a new or an older boiler, at some time it is likely for your boiler will need a repair of some sort.

    An annual service from a Gas Safe registered engineer is essential.

    This will ensure that your boiler remains in good condition.

    Any issues with the boiler can be resolved before they escalate into something costly.

    There are no repairs that are recommended for an untrained person to carry out.

    Even those who feel they are handy around the house.

    This is due to the complex and varied nature of each boiler.

    And the horrific consequences that could occur in a botched job that could cause damage it could do to your home.

    What to do if you discover your boiler has a fault and needs a Boiler Repair

    boiler breakdownwater leaks even low and high-pressure readings on a boiler can indicate a fault that needs a repair on the boiler itself or the system.

    If You have insurance cover for breakdowns and boiler repair,

    the first thing you must do is contact them and they will

    often take the problem from your hands and contract a

    qualified and trusted Gas Safe engineer to carry out the boiler repair.

    Sometimes an insurer may require that you find a gas safe engineer

    local to you to repair your boiler.

    They will request a quote and receipts which will subsequently be paid by them.

    Most insurers have a 24-hour hotline for emergencies,

    so do not be afraid to contact them right away if you are worried about the cold or the safety of your boiler.

    If You do not have insurance you will have to search for a reliable

    Gas Safe engineer and pay them out of your pocket for repairs.

    Choosing a Good Gas Safe Engineer For Your Boiler repair

    Engineers often work as part of a company, or independently,

    and can be researched online or via the

    yellow pages or the Gas Safe RegisterAlways make sure that you trust your engineer.

    Get as many good references for them doing a good job as possible.

    Using the internet or word of mouth – this is especially useful when trying to avoid the occasional ‘bad apple’ in the business.

    Don’t accept the first quote offered for your boiler repair,

    try to shop around for the best deal without compromising on expertise and experience.

    Obtaining parts For The Boiler Repair

    If you’re lucky enough not to require a boiler replacement,

    it is possible to obtain parts either from a company

    specialising in boiler supplies, or from the

    manufacturer of your original boiler.

    Your qualified Gas Safe engineer will let you

    know what parts are required for you when providing you with a quote for your repair.

    They can often obtain them cheaply from their trusted suppliers.

    Of course, if you feel you can get a better deal,

    make sure you have a detailed list of all that is required from the engineer.

    Before purchasing parts to make sure you obtain the correct pieces.

    If you are having your boiler repaired through your insurance company you will often not need to worry about parts.

     If you do be sure to obtain receipts and quotes to provide them.

    Dangers of DIY On your Boiler

    Attempting to fix your boiler without the correct qualifications can be extremely dangerous. 

    Is it strongly advised not to try, and is against the law.

    Always make sure you hire a completely qualified Gas Safe and reliable engineer to undertake any boiler repair.