• Boiler Servicing

    Boiler Servicing is very important if you want your boiler to last a long time.

    Without regular boiler servicing the chances are the boiler will not last very long. If

    thinking of your boiler like, let’s say a car, you spend a lot of money buying the car of your dreams,

    you wash it regular, have it serviced when it’s required, you look after it, because it costs a lot of hard-earned money.

    Your boiler is the same, it need care and looking after.

    Today modern condensing boilers are very well tuned to give you the best possible value for money on your fuel bill.

    If you don’t bother with boiler servicing then you will start to notice your fuel bills rising,

    and with the cost of fuel today, we all want to save as money much as we can.

    Boiler servicing involves checking over the boiler for faults, even possible future faults.

    The first thing that needs to be checked is the flue.

    Condensing boilers produce condense water when the boiler is running, this water is acidic and can corrode the flue pipe.

    This is a very important part of the boiler service.

    Should the flue pipe have a hole in it due to corrosion then it can be very dangerous,

    it could be leaking carbon monoxide into the room that the boiler is located in?

    With some boilers the flue pipe may run in the ceiling or voids, so access is required to inspect the flue pipe.

    The gas regulations state the any flue pipes that run in the ceiling or voids must have inspection

    hatches so the flue can be checked for leakage. If the flue pipe cannot be inspected then it becomes classed as

    dangerous, and must be isolated from the gas supply.

    This is why the flue pipe is a very important part of boiler servicing.

    Next, we check for any form of internal water leakage, this again is another important part of the boiler service.

    On some 
    boilers the Condense pipe inside the boiler tends to leak, one boiler in particular is the Keston boiler.

    I have been to many Keston boilers over the years only to find the Condense leaking internally,

    the water dripping on to the gas connection valve.

    I found one where it had been leaking for so long that it

    had corroded the valve that it had a small gas leak. Keston Have now corrected this problem.

    We now fire the boiler up on full power and take a combustion reading, these reading are very important,

    they tell us how well the boiler is running,

    if the readings are to high, then we need to investigate further.

    Now onto the heat exchanger, this is cleaned internally depending on how old the boiler and the combustion readings,

    with some boilers, if you remove the burner section you have to renew the gasket as stated by the boiler manufactures.

    I have seen boilers that have not had the gasket replaced, and they can leak carbon monoxide,

    even a small flame coming from around the gasket.

    One boiler I went to had to be replaced because the gasket had been left off and some paste smeared around the gasket area.

    The customer told me the boiler had only been serviced 2 weeks before.

    What happened was the paste dried out and the boiler started to produce flames around the gasket area,

    which in turn melted the plastics in the boiler.

    This customer was very lucky as if she had not been in the house when this happened

    she could have returned to find her property burned to the ground.

    We now move on to the gas supply,

    first, we need to make sure that when the boiler is running,

    the boiler has enough gas, so while the boiler is running we take a working pressure, if this is

    within the limits for the boiler then no further action is required.

    The most common problem we come across is the combination boiler that is under gassed.

    The boiler may seem to be working fine but if it’s under gassed it needs to be put right.

    When someone has a combination boiler installed that has replaced a regular boiler and tanks,

    sometimes the gas supply does not get upgraded, this is very important,

    because the boiler when running is not giving its full power,

    normally this when the hot water is running.

    Most of today’s condensing boilers need the gas supply upgraded.

    Now we check over all internal parts are in good order,

    the fan, the pump if fitted and anything internal.

    Another very important part of boiler servicing is the expansion vessel.

    This may be fitted inside the boiler or just below the boiler.

    If the expansion vessel is not checked, then the boiler will start to work harder,

    and the fuel bills will start to rise.

    The vessel will start to fill with water over a period of time, and should this happen you

    will notice that the boiler if pressurised will start to lose pressure.

    Then you start to think you have a leak on the system, but 9 out of 10 it’s the expansion vessel and not a leak.

    Now that we have checked over the boiler and everything is fine, we now do another combustion check.

    This tell us the combustion ratio and so long as it falls into line with the make of boiler, then it’s the end of the boiler servicing.

    We now fill out a Gas SafeBoiler servicing certificate, any defects that may be showing are listed,

    once filled in we sign it and dated it. If the boiler benchmark book is available then this is also filled in and signed.

    If you have a boiler that sill has a warranty then this will need to be filled in to keep the warranty live.

    Boiler servicing may sound expensive but it can save you money in the long run.

    If your boiler lasts for 15 years with regular boiler servicing, then it’s got to be better than a boiler that only lasts 5 years with no servicing.

    You would not look after your car so why not look after your boiler.

    Don’t forget though that boiler servicing can only be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and not by just any plumber. It’s the law.

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