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    LPG Cooking With LPG
  • What are the benefits of cooking with LPG

    otherwise known as liquid petroleum gas?

    Cooking with LPG is easier to control than electric hobs and ovens,

    as soon as you switch on, the heat is there, whereas with electric you have to wait for it to heat up.

    Quick and easy temperature control, you just need to adjust the temperature either high or low,

    you turn the dial and it is instant.

    One of the main benefits of cooking with LPG

    is that it’s much better for the environment.

    LPG produces less CO2 than other types of fuel and is so much better for the environment,

    and as we all know we need to reduce the CO2 for a better environment.

    LPG is a clean burning fuel and will help make your hob or cooker last longer,

    which in the long run will save you money.

    So you want to convert over from electric and start cooking with LPG, whats involved?

    First you need to check that you have a space to locate the gas bottles,

    most of the time they are positioned just outside the kitchen back door along the wall, but this will need to be checked.

    They must be located in a safe position, somewhere where they won’t be damaged or knock over.

    You can have a storage tank fitted either underground or above,

    but if you are only going to convert over for just cooking, then 2 small LPG bottles will do.

    Next, you need to source your appliance be it a hob or free standing cooker. 

    When you buy your new appliance check with the shop or store sales assistant that it can be converted over to LPG, most can these days.

    Most gas appliances come ready to connect to natural gas but can be converted.

    They may need to order the LPG conversion kit for you which consists of LPG burner jets.

    Most hobs come with a set of jets ready to convert to LPG.

    The conversion is easy to carry out, all natural gas jets need to be replaced with the new LPG jets.

    If you try to use the appliance without converting over, the flames with be way too high and is very dangerous.

    LPG runs at a higher pressure than natural gas, that’s why you have to change the jets over.

    Now you need to find your local gas safe registeredengineer who is registered to work on LPG.

    The best way to do this is to do a search on the internet for the Gas Safe Register,

    once you locate the register website, you can type in your details and needs.

    You should receive details of 3 engineers who will be able to help you with your conversion.

    You can also call the Gas Safe Register if you are not sure on how to use the website.

    Once you have found your engineer, arrange for him to visit and explain you want to start cooking with LPG.

    He will be able to tell you the best location for the bottles and anything else that needs to be considered.

    He will check the route needed for the new gas pipe from the appliance out to the gas bottles.

    When using two gas bottles together a change over valve is needed,

    your Gas Safe engineer will be able to supply this as well as any other fittings needed for the conversion.

    If you live in the country side and don’t have natural gas connect to your property then LPG is an option to choose.

    Cooking with LPG in my opinion is much better than cooking electric.