• What size of the copper tube should I use?

    Copper tube is available in various lengths and a number of sizes, each designed for certain areas of the central heating or plumbing system .

    Designed to work as effectively as possible to make sure your heating or plumbing system is functional and economic.

    The application of the correct copper tube ensures that the system is flowing smoothly.

    Size-wise you can choose anything from 8mm up to 35mm and of course, you can choose different lengths depending upon the position of your heating or plumbing supplies.

    Copper tube sizes such as 8 to 10mm are usually used for microbore central heating systems.

    The main advantage of a microbore central heating system is that because the pipes are much smaller they contain much less water meaning less heat is lost when flowing through the pipes.

    Because the pipes are smaller they are much easier to install as they are much more flexible and can work around tricky bends and they do not require a lot of joints.

    You will find that 12mm and 15mm copper tube is generally suited to connections for individual outlets such as taps and other such appliances.

    Where 15mm copper tube is not suitable for longer flows you can opt for other sizes such as 22mm, 28mm, and 35mm which keep the flow and pressure consistent and you can avoid an excessive drop in water pressure.

    Copper has been utilized for many years within the plumbing and heating industry.

    It is the popular choice in both commercial and domestic buildings for new plumbing and heating installations and for any maintenance and repairs to existing systems.

    Modern plumbing is mostly made up of copper tubes and coils for central heating systems and water feeds although plastic plumbing is becoming popular and is also utilized where necessary.

    Copper tube is a very reliable material and is long-lasting due to its outstanding resistance to corrosion, temperature resistance, and overall strength and durability.

    Another benefit of using a copper tube and coils within plumbing installations is that copper is very easy to join.

    This means that copper lengths and coils can be installed flawlessly and you can rely on neat, smooth, strong leakproof joints.

    As copper is easy to handle and easy to manipulate, bend and join, you can save time at the point of installation and by choosing copper you can use fewer materials making copper lengths a cost-effective solution for your plumbing system.

    Copper tube is fantastic for heating systems and can be the best long-term option for any homeowner, whether it’s a new build or simply a renovation.

    The copper tube remains superior to any other material because it is light-weight, durable and it is easy to manipulate in terms of bends and joints within the systems.

    Choosing a copper tube provides total flexibility for your central heating systems, meaning you can choose the exact copper lengths and sizes.

    You can also select from the coiled copper tube or simply copper tube lengths for the transportation of both gas and liquids through your plumbing and heating systems.

    If you choose the correct corresponding copper tubes and pipes you can finish off your domestic plumbing and heating system to a superior level ensuring the best possible efficiency across the whole of the system.