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    Boilers Find Local Gas Safe Plumber Near Me
  • When searching for a local company who is gas safe registered to carry out work on your home, where should look?

    You can do a search on Google, and typing in, local gas safe plumber near me. 

    You should see a few companies appear at the top of the page.

    As well as a local map with three or four companies closest to your address.

    Make a note of the local companies names and keep them close by.

    You now need to check that that these companies are still registered with gas safe.

    Gas safe carries out regular inspections with all registered companies and individuals.

    This is to ensure that they are working within the regulations and to current standards.

    A company could be registered today but may be suspended tomorrow, whilst this is very rear, it does sometimes happen.

    So how do you go about checking someone’s gas safe registration?

    You need to go to the gas safe register, you can find their details on Google.

    Once you have their details, type in the web address, once on the site, search for check an installer.

    Follow the instructions on the site, enter all the information that is requested.

    It will tell you what appliances they can work on, as well as what gas type, LPG or Natural gas.

    When you employ a company to work on your gas appliances, you want to know that they are fully qualified for the work in question.

    Just because someone is gas safe registered, it does not mean they can work on all gas appliances, so you see it’s important to check.

    A lot of the home insurance companies now will void your insurance should you use someone who is not registered if something happens and you need to make a claim.

    Anybody that is registered can be traced, whereas an unregistered person cannot.

    Another check you should do is ask to see the engineers gas safe card.

    Every engineer carries thiscard, it’s part of the regulations.

    If they say, sorry I have forgotten it, you should tell them to leave your property until such time they can present out to you.

    It’s a bit like a driving license, it has a unique number that is personal to that engineer.

    It also has a picture of the engineer who’s card it is. So always check.

    Check both sides of the card, on the front, is the expiry date as well as the gas safe number.

    Turn it over and you will see all theappliancesthe engineer can work on.

    When searching for a local gas safe plumber near me, it always better to be safe than sorry.

    Gas can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, so it’s always better to ensure that you only employ someone with the right qualifications to carry out your work.