• Forcali is now one of the maker leaders in the United Kingdom for LPG water heaters.

    Ideal if you have a mobile home or log cabin with a water heater that needs replacing.

    Many earlier mobile homes were fitted with the Morco and Worcester water heaters.

    Forcali LPG Water Heater 12 Litre version, 01473 806100
    Forcali LPG Water Heater 12Litre.

    Now, most new mobiles homes come fitted with an LPG central heating boiler that supplies the heating as well as the hot water.

    Should you have a 6 or 10-litre Morco installed in your mobile home that may need replacing in the near future.

    Then, the Focali LPG water heater is a direct replacement for you.

    These water heaters are classed as conventical flue, they need ventilation to combust correctly.

    Water heaters in mobiles are normally installed in a compartment, they will have purpose built-in ventilation, these vents must be kept clean and clear at all times.

    Forcali water heaters come supplied with spacing fixing brackets, as well as a flue adaptor.

    So replacing your heater is straight forward, most of the time.

    Don’t forget though, you must use an LPG Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

    The law of the United Kingdom.

    Should you work on it yourself, you could find your property insurance becomes voi,d with the possibility of being prosecuted.

    Morco ceased production a couple of years back, not sure what happened, but the stock soon ran out.

    Any Moro’s that were sat in the supplier’s warehouse started to command a very high price, silly prices in fact.

    The same for the Worcester water heater, they have now stopped supplying the United Kingdom, so the only one’s available are old stock at a high cost.

    Focali water heaters have no permanent pilot like the Morco did.

    It will automatically ignites when demand for hot water is made.

    Many years ago, The Which Magazine did a costing of keeping a pilot on all the time.

    Their findings were staggering, it averaged around £97.00 a year to run.

    That’s a lot of money to lose over the course of a year.

    Both the 6 and 10-litre models produce better hot water flow rates than Morco did.

    There is another option to choose, which is a 12-litre fan flued room sealed version. Forcali LPG Water Heater

    This model is a nice piece ok kit, it has electronic temperature control, which is good if want the hot water at a set temperature.

    The Forcali 12 litre per minute room sealed water heater with electronic ignition. 

    A state-of-the-art modern appliance. 

    Room sealed for total safety, it can be installed in virtually any location, including bath and shower rooms.

    It has full electronic ignition (without a pilot light) and can operate on extremely low water pressure and flow rates. 

    Maximum power consumption is a mere 35 watts, that’s less than most light bulbs.

    These appliances can be used on a 12v system with a small inverter.

    For installations such as narrowboats, horseboxes, log cabins and shepherd huts.

    The FS-12S-GLP features an LCD display, which shows the temperature of the water being produced and any fault codes.

    Forcali LPG Water Heater

    Having one of the smallest footprints on this type of water heater you will have no problem finding a suitable place to install it.

    Uses an industry-standard horizontal (60/100mm coaxial) flue.

    Automatic ignition (maximum savings without pilot flame)
    • Low pressure and low flow operation 
    • Flame control by ionization 
    • Gas evacuation control 
    • Overheat control 
    • Water valve made of brass 
    • Gas valve made of aluminium 
    • Anti-frost device with drain valve 
    • Fitting Kit included 
    • Aesthetic finish design 
    • Ultra-compact dimensions (515x325x167 mm) 
    • Intelligent thermostatic electronic panel control 
    • High-performance de-oxygenated copper heat exchanger
    • Intelligent self-diagnosis system
    • Thermostatic flame modulation

    As you can see from above if you need a new LPG water heater for your mobile home or log cabin,

    Forcali LPG Water Heater is now the one to use.