• Gas Engineer

    Your gas engineer is not just a plumber as most people think;

    he is highly trained in what he does, but for some reason, most people think plumber.

    Gas engineers train for many different types of elements.

    Each element or module as it’s sometimes called involves taking an exam.

    Gas Safe Engineer
    Gas Safe Engineer

    These are just some of the elements

    Each one of the elements above involves training and an exam,

    but that’s not it, there are still more exams to sit, the main one being gas safety.

    What most people don’t understand is the gas safe engineer

    has to re-sit these exams every five years, and not once like many other jobs.

    If the engineers fail the exams, then he cannot work.

    There are many types of gas safe engineer, so it’s very important to check his ID card to see what he is qualified to work on.

    You have the kitchen fitter who may be qualified to fit just cookers and hobs,

    as this is all part of the kitchen.

    You also have the LPG gas safe engineer who works on stored or bottle gas.

    LPG is different from mains gas as it higher pressure.

    What I find strange is that everybody wants a cheap job done these days, which ok is just normal, its human nature,

    but why would you not want to pay a little extra to a gas safe engineer to do the job as it should be done, Safely?

    Many people will still use Joe blogs from down

    the road who has no formal training, just to save a few pounds.

    What they don’t understand is they are putting there life’s at risk, while at the same time,

    should something go wrong then the chances are they are not insured?

    Most insurance companies now will not accept a claim if its gas-related and been worked on by an unregistered gas safe engineer.

    We have worked in the industry for a long time, and when speaking to customers about our rates,

    I explain what we have to go through as a gas safe engineer, the costs involved, and the training updates.

    I explain that it costs around £100 a week just to be registered.

    The hourly rate varies around the country, but when someone

    likes a solicitor tells you he charges £250 an hour for buying and selling a house, you have to stand back and think.

    So the gas engineer is not just a regular plumber,

    when you engage him to carry out work within your property, you are putting your life in his hands.

    Always check out your gas engineer by checking the Gas Safe Register online.

    All gas safe engineer carries a card or licenses with him or her,

    should your engineer not have his card with him, then you should ask him to leave.