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    What Is Gas Safe First?

    If you have any form of gas work carried out in your home it has to be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer

    To use someone who is not registered is breaking the UK law and can be dangerous.

    So what is special about a gas safe engineer?

    To be a registered gas engineer they have to sit exams every five years and renew their gas safe registration each year. 

    The exams they take depend on what type of gas appliances they want to work on. 

    If they want to be able to install boilers, then they will sit an exam on boilers.

    The same applies if they want to install gas fires, they will take an exam for fires.

    Some people think that if you are gas safe registered you can work on all gas appliances. 

    Each engineer has a gas safe card that has details on the back with details of what they can work on. 

    Before any form of work commences you should always ask to see the engineers card. 

    Should they tell you that they don’t have it with them 

    then, you should ask them to leave your property and only return to 

    carry out the works when they have the card with them.

    The gas safe card is a licence that all engineers 

    should carry with them, this is the gas regulations.

    Anybody can tell to you they are registered, but until you see the card you don’t know. 

    If you are unsure about any engineer or even feel that they may not be registered.

    You can go online to the gas safe register and carry out an engineer check. 

    The check will reveal what the engineer is allowed to work on.

    Gas safe took over from C.O.R.G.I on the 1st April 2009. 

    It’s strange because just as people were getting used to knowing C.O.G.R.I. It all changed over to the gas safe.

    So what is Gas Safe all about? 

    Gas safe keeps a check on all of the registered engineers. 

    They carry out inspections on gas work that has been carried out by the registered engineer, 

    Inspections are random, so the engineer does not know if a job is going to be inspected or not.

    When any gas installation work is carried out the engineer has to register the installation with gas safe. 

    The customer will then receive a certificate confirming the work conforms to the current regulations.

    This certificate will be sent to you through the post, it normally takes about 2 weeks to arrive, depending on how busy they are. 

    Once they receive the certificate they will need to keep it safe.

    This is because should they decide to sell the property they will need it for the buyers. 

    You will be asked for it from the solicitors.

    Gas safe is not just for the engineers, it’s also there for you the customer. 

    If you think your gas works are not up to scratch, 

    you can contact gas safe who will investigate the problem. 

    An inspector will contact you to make an appointment so he or she can come along and check over the works.

    If they feel the work is not up to regulation standards or even unsafe,

    they will advise you accordingly. 

    If they find it is unsafe, they will make the installation safe. 

    This may involve turning your gas off at the meter or if possible the appliance in question.

    They will then try to contact the installer and ask him to meet them on-site to discuss the findings. 

    The inspector will write up a report on all of the defects that are found. 

    The installer will receive a copy and the customer as well. 

    The installer will be given the option to put everything right at his own expense. 

    Once the faults have been put right.

    The inspector will again visit the property to ensure everything is as it should.

    Should the installer decline to carry out the repairs, he can be removed from the register and told to stop working on any gas appliances. 

    If he carries on working on gas he can be prosecuted and even sent to prison.

    Gas safe runs a gas safety week each year.

    This is to try and make more people more aware of the dangers of gas.

    If a gas appliance is installed incorrectly it could be leaking carbon monoxide which as we all know is a silent killer. 

    How many times have you thought you could smell gas in your home but never done anything about it? 

    A small gas leak can be just as dangerous as a large leak. 

    If you think you smell gas, does not matter how small it may be, 

    get it looked at straight away because should something happen 

    you will never forgive yourself.

    Gas Safe is all about safety in the home. 

    If you live in a rented property, you should have a landlords gas safety inspection certificate.

    If you don’t, then you need to contact the landlord and ask for your copy. 

    This again is the law. 

    Landlords sometimes try to miss a year out to save money.

    But the inspection needs to be done every year without fail. 

    A landlord who avoids the gas safety inspection could be putting your life at risk.

    To find out more about gas safety and how it can work for you

    just enter your details in the form below, we will contact you to discuss further. 

    Be Safe, Always Be Gas Safe First