• Glow Worm Boilers

    Glow-worm boilers have been around for many years,

    producing good quality boilers for the United Kingdom.

    One of their boilers that has become very popular is the Easicom.

    It’s a combination boiler that is available in 24 & 28KW.

    It’s made in the United Kingdom and comes with a 3 years parts and labour warranty.

    If your installer is a registered Glow Worm installer then this warranty can be increased to 6 years.

    This is subject to Glow Worms terms and conditions.

    Glow Worm boilers are a brand you can trust and with the Easicom combination

    boiler you can expect nothing but reliable performance and great value.

    The boiler comes with the flue and clock included in the price.

    Some boilers that you buy don’t come with these extras and need to be bought separately.

    If you don’t have mains gas and use LPG, these boilers are very easy to convert over without the need for a conversion kit.

    The average cost of installing a Glow Worm Boilers Easicom 24KW starts at around £1800.00,

    this all depends on the amount of work that’s involved.

    If you are just replacing an old broken combination boiler with the Easicom,

    and it is being fitted in the same position then expect to pay around £1800.00

    All in. If the boiler is to be located in another position expect to pay more.

    One of the main things that may need upgrading is the gas supply.

    When the old combination boilers were installed one of the main problems with them was lack of hot water,

    or the water was not hot enough, this was due to incorrect gas pipe size.

    Now because Installers are more regulated, the gas supply has to be bought up to current standards and regulations.

    If your boiler has the correct size gas supply your boiler will produce the correct amount of hot water it was designed for,

    and as the user, you will be happy with the boiler performance.

    Glow-worm boilers

    and all other boiler manufactures state as part of their warranty that the heating system that the boiler is being fitted to, is flushed and clean out.

    This is a very important part of the installation, if the heating system is not flushed and cleaned, then you are cutting the lifespan of your new boiler in half.

    Sludge and debris in the system block the pipework and the boiler heat exchanger.

    It also eats away at the radiators, causing pinholes to appear.

    If you have ever had to change a radiator due to a hole appearing and causing a leak, then this is all down to sludge build up.

    Once the system has been flushed and cleaned then you must add an inhibitor to protect your new boiler and the rest of the system.

    Again this a very important part of the installation,

    if the system has not been flushed and cleaned, and inhibitor added, should you need to make a

    call under the boiler warranty then you will find the warranty will be void.

    Most of the warranty calls are not the boiler that is causing the problem, it’s normally down to the system not being cleaned out properly.

    With Glow Worm Boilers, should you need a warranty or service call,

    you will find they offer one of the best back up services around, the worst part is making the call.

    Like all big companies these days they use these automated telephone systems, and are very annoying sometimes,

    but other than that, the service is second to none.

    With Glow Worm boilers and any gas appliance, you have to use a gas safe registered installer engineer, to fit your new boiler.

    Gas Safe Engineers are checked regularly to make sure all of their work is up to the standards required.

    They also have to renew with the Gas Safe Register each year, and every five years have to go back to college to retake their exams for the appliances they work on.

    When the time comes to replace your old boiler and you are interested in finding out more about

    Glow Worm boilers or any other make, just enter your name and phone number in the box below and request a callback….