• Heatline Boilers Capriz Plus

    Heatline boilers have become very popular due to the fact they are one of the cheapest combination boilers on the market today.

    They are easy to install and Heatline boilers come with a built-in time clock as standard.

    User-friendly for the customer to use.

    The hot water flow rate is 9.4 litres for the 24Kw and 11.4 litres for the 28Kw per minute at 35-degree rise.

    Sedbuk rating is 90% for 24Kw and 88.5% for the 28Kw.

    Inside the boiler is a factory fitted low energy pump, built-in frost thermostat, built-in bypass and built-in condense trap.

    The heat exchanger is the same as the Vaillant Eco-Tec.

    Many of the built-in parts are manufactured by Vaillant.

    In general, this is not a bad boiler.

    Heatline boilers have been around for some time, but never really took off due to the quality build,

    now though they are part of the Vaillant Group,  have been revamped and are a good buy for anyone looking for a cheap boiler.

    Installation is very easy for the gas safe installer, they have a turret flue on top,

    So the flue can exit at many angles.

    Heatline boilers come with all the valves needed to connect to the heating flow and return supplies,

    as well the hot and cold supplies along with the gas supply which is 22 m.

    These boilers come with a flexible hose for connecting the condense discharge.

    The only thing you need to buy is a filling loop.

    Hanging the boiler on the wall is simple, the boiler comes with a fixing bracket and once fixed to the wall,

    it’s just a case of lifting the boiler up to the bracket and lining up the boiler to the two hooks on the bracket.

    Push the boiler on to the bracket and that’s it, job done.

    The pipework is standard,15m pipes for the hot and cold supplies,  22 m for the gas and the flow and return supplies. 

    The pressure relief valve is the standard 15 m, and the condense is 22m plastic.

    The pressure relief valve is the standard 15 m, and condense is 22m plastic.

    Wiring the boiler again is an easy job, it’s all laid out in the paperwork supplied with the boiler.

    You just need to add the main power supply cable and you are ready to go.

    When installing a room thermostat, you need to remove the internal link and connect in the room thermostat,

    Make sure you read the paperwork first.

    If you are considering heatline boilers for your home,

    you should make contact with a gas safe registered engineer for the installation.

    He will be able to advise you if the boiler is suitable for your home.

    Heatline boilers are just like any other boilers on the market and need to be serviced every year, even though they have a

    even though they have a 2-year warranty parts and labour.

    So make sure you arrange with your installer to set up a service schedule.

    If you don’t have your boiler serviced and something goes wrong then your warranty will become void.

    Heatline boilers have stepped up a league and are now producing a quality boiler at a low price, but for how long before the price starts to rise.

    If you are interested in Heatline boilers and would like to make an appointment for us to visit your home then just enter your details in the box below and we will contact you.