• My boiler is not Working

    There are many reasons why your boiler is not working,

    we will look into a few of the most common problems

    why your boiler is not working.

    Sometimes it’s a simple quick fix to get your boiler back up and running.

    The first thing that needs to be checked is to make sure you have the power switched on,

    you will be surprised how many times we have been called out to a boiler that is

    not working only find that the power has been accidentally switched off.

    First, you need to make sure the power is on, the time clock or programmer is calling for heat,

    the room thermostat is set to high,

    if your boiler is still not working then we have to investigate further. If you have

    no power going to the boiler, you need to check the fuse. If you

    change the fuse only fit a 3amp fuse anything higher could cause problems.

    Heating systems are designed to work on 3 amps, again we have seen many fitted with 13 amp.

    If the wrong fuse is fitted and something breaks down it should blow the fuse, but with 13 amp it won’t blow the fuse and can cause more damage.

    If you have a pressurised heating system and not a low-pressure system, you need to

    check the system pressure, it needs to be a minimum of 1 bar for the boiler to work properly.

    If you are unsure of what type of heating system you have, then you need to check.

    Do you have a little water storage tank in the loft?

    If so then you have a low-pressure system.

    A high-pressure system will have a pressure gauge fitted somewhere,

    either on the boiler or where your controls are fitted,

    normally in the airing cupboard.

    If after carrying out these simple checks you still have a boiler not working,

    you need to think about calling in your local gas safe plumber or boiler engineer to find the problem.

    If you have a combination boiler fitted in your home,

    have you noticed anything different about the way your boiler has been working, things

    like has the sound changed on when it starts up for the heating, or when you turn the tap on for hot water.

    Has the time changed on how long it takes to deliver hot water to your taps?

    Normally when a boiler decides to stop working, it gives off signs that something is wrong.

    If you have a normal heating system where you have a hot water tank and a boiler, the same applies, what has changed?

    Have you had any work carried out on the plumbing?

    So many things can cause the problem of why your boiler is not working.

    Have you changed anything recently, like say replace a radiator or had thermostatic valves fitted to the radiators.

    Again we have been called out to a boiler not working and on talking to the client and asking what has changed,

    has anything been replaced or fitted. The client says we have changed a couple of radiators and since then the boiler has not been working as it should.

    When changing anything on a heating system there is a sequence of how to get the boiler working back to normal. If the system has been drained off to replace a radiator or fit new valves, then you may have an airlock in the system. This is quite a common problem that stops the boiler from working.

    These are just a few of the simple problems of why your boiler is not working that can be checked before you call in your local gas safe boiler engineer.

    Normally when a boiler is not working, it’s something that has changed that has caused the problem.

    Remember you should have your boiler serviced each year to keep it in tip-top condition. A boiler service will tell the engineer if anything is not working to its full potential and either replace the part or advise you that something is not working as it should and will need to be replaced in the future.

    For help and advice on why your boiler is not working, just enter your details in the box and request a callback.