• The hot weather is a great time to arrange to have your boiler serviced.

     As we all know the good weather doesn’t last long before the heating being switched on.

    The boiler sometimes gets overlooked, it is working away in the background supplying all of the hot water and heating as and when we need it.

    when it stops working we don’t know what to do.

    Summer Boiler Service

    Your boiler is like a car, it needs a service every 12 months if you don’t service your car it always breaks down when you need it most.

     Boilers are the same.

    Say you have friends coming to stay with you, the odds of your boiler breaking down is for some reason are very very high.

    Your heating boiler is so much more complex these days.

    The earlier boilers still needed a service, but you could get away with a longer service time.

     The summer boiler service will tell you if your boiler is running at it’s

    optimum performance.

    A summer boiler service inspection is all about checking the working parts of the boiler, the gas rate, ensuring the boiler is set right.

     These setting can and sometimes do go out of the sink.

     Boilers now have a lot of plastic within.

    This may sound strange but heat and plastic don’t go together.

    Another reason why you should have a boiler service.

    On earlier Vaillant Eco boilers every time you carried out a boiler service you had to replace the combustion chamber seal.

    If the seal was not changed you could have a fire,

    I have seen this so many times in the past.

    The seal starts to perish around the combustion chamber where the main burner is, this is then not sealed. 

    In theory, the flames could pass through the seal, it’s a million to one chance I know but I have seen it happen.

    Just recently we went to a job where the seal had not been changed before, the air intake pipe on the boiler was melted.

     This could have turned into a major disaster.

    The owner of the property was home at the time and could smell burning plastic.

    So you can see the importance of a boiler service.

    Mr blogs from around the corner may be able to do at a cheaper price than a Gas Safe Registered Company.

    By Using Mr Bloggs you may be risking your family’s life. 

    Arrange for a Registered Gas Safe Engineer to service the boiler.

    All Gas Safe Engineers carries a Gas Safe Card with them.

    Ask before they start work on your boiler service to see the card.

    Once you check the card, ensure it is in date.

    Every gas safe card is renewed every march, no in-between.

    Check both sides of the card. 

    Check they are registered for the type of work you want to be done. 

    So now while the weather is nice and hot why not book up to have a boiler service carried out. 

    When making your service booking give the person on the phone as much information as possible about your boiler.

    IE make and model, the boiler age if you know it, any problem you may have been experiencing. 

    Ask them if they have worked on you make of boiler before. 

    All this information helps both you and the service engineer. 

    Also while the engineer is at your property carrying out a boiler service ask them to do a gas tightness test for you, this will establish that your gas pipes are leak-free.