• How To Stay Warm This Winter

    Stay Warm This Winter

    The nights are now starting to draw in, the colder weather is on it’s way but are you ready for the cold nights? 

    Stay Warm This Winter, September is the month that we all switch the boiler on to keep warm. 

    But what do you do if the heating does not work?

    Don’t panic. call your local gas safe heating engineer, but don’t be surprised if he tells you, sorry madam I cannot get to you till the end of next week.  

    I am fully booked up with boiler repairs and service.

    This time of the year most boiler companies are kept very busy with servicing and repairing boilers.

    It’s like a mad rush everybody wants you now because they are cold.

    Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

    Stay Warm This Winter

    Having your boiler serviced and checked over is more important now than every before.

    If you have high efficiency condensing boiler, these boilers are so complex compared to the older models. 

    There are so many parts to go wrong if not checked.

    Here are a few of the problems we find. 

    The condense trap within the boiler tends to get blocked up with sediment.

    Once blocked the boiler starts to fill up with condense water and eventually the boiler goes to lock out. 

    The trap needs to be cleaned and check. 

    Its also part of the flue system that also needs checked over.

    If you have a combination boiler or a pressurised system, then you have an expansion vessel fitted either inside the boiler or fitted on a pipe close to the boiler. 

    This vessel is a major part of your heating system and needs to be checked every year. 

    Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?


    The reason the expansion vessel has to be checked is, it takes up the water expansion as it heats up. 

    The best way to describe the vessel is, its like a sponge, as the water heats up the sponge absorbs the expansion. 

    Inside the vessel is a large rubber diaphragm, this is normally filled with air and set at around 1 Bar of pressure. 

    Over time the pressure is lost and the vessel then fills with water, your system then has nowhere for the expansion to go. 

    You may notice that the pressure gauge on your boiler starts to rise as the heating is on.

    When you switch on in the morning the boiler has lost all pressure and the boiler does not work.

    One other problem we come across, is the customer had their boiler installed just over 2 years ago.

    It came with a 5 year warranty, but now it has stopped working. 

    When we ask for the service details, we are told no, we don’t need a service because it has a 5 year warranty and its all covered. 

    This is not true, every boiler needs to be serviced each year to keep the warranty valid.

    These are just a few of the checks that need to be carried out each year to keep your boiler working. 

    If you don’t have a regular service you could be shortening the life of your boiler.

    So are you ready for the Winter?