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    This time of year is the best time to get those plumbing and heating jobs done before the winter sets in. To find a local gas safe plumber do a search on Google or whatever search engine you use, and type in a local gas safe plumber.

    You should be presented with many local gas safe plumbers to choose from.

    The gas safe register is another good place to search for your local gas safe plumber.

    Now that the best of the summer is here and the days and nights are warm, it’s a good idea to get those jobs done in the house that you keep putting off. One of the main jobs being the central heating, you know that it’s been on the blink for some time, but you hope it will last another winter.

    As a local gas safe plumber for Essex, we find that most people tend to wait until the heating decides to break down, and it’s normally when the cold weather has set in, even though they knew they have a problem with the heating system in the summer. 

    This is why your local gas safe plumber is always very busy in the winter months, repairing or replacing boilers.

    The summer months are the best time to have this type of work done. If for example, you need to have a new boiler fitted, the system has to be drained down so you don’t miss the central heating. If this work is carried out in the winter, then you could be without heating for a day or too, and cold.

    For some reason in the summer months when the days and nights are warm we tend to forget about the plumbing and heating jobs that need looking at. Then winter arrives and we then get in a panic to get these jobs done so we can stay warm
    arm. Your local gas safe plumber can carry out all the work that is required for you while the days and nights are warm

    You know your boiler is making strange noises when it’s on, the radiators are not heating up very well or are very slow to heat.

    Your boiler is due to a service or even replacing for a new model.

    The thermostat is not working, or the heating comes on when you only want hot water. These are the types of jobs that can be carried out in the summer. Then winter arrives and bang it all decides to go wrong.

    You call your local gas safe plumber and he is overrun with work and cannot get to you for two to three weeks, so you have to keep searching for a plumber who can come and fix your problem.

    You find someone but you don’t check if he is gas safe registered because you are cold and just want the problem fixed.

    This is when problems happen, and you get overcharged.

    That’s why the summer months are best to have the work done.

    You have more time to search around and find a gas safe plumber who is fully insured and registered.

    You are not in a panic to get the heating back on, because it’s not cold so you can take your time.

    At least you will know that if you get those jobs sorted out while the sun till sines, come winter you should be warm.

    Summertime is the best time of year to fix you’re plumbing and heating problems, your local gas safe plumber is not as busy as in the winter months.

    So why not get these problems fixed. You know it makes sense.

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