• You want to find a Local LPG plumber.

    A professional, Someone who’s affordable. 

    You’re not asking for much, are you?

    Local LPG Plumber
    Local LPG Plumber.

    It is estimated that around 1.1 million gas type jobs are carried out every year by illegal gas fitters who aren’t properly qualified to complete the work. 

    We can help you discover how to find a trusted Local LPG plumber (Engineer) in your area. 

    Read on for some top tips on finding a trustworthy and fully qualified Local LPG plumber tradesperson in your area.

    Some top warning signs to look out for as well as how to spot a rogue trader.

    The main one is to ensure that they’re on the Gas Safe Register.

    This is the most important thing you need to do, check that your LPG gas engineer is on the Gas Safe Register. 

    Even if a friend gives you a top recommendation of someone they may have used in the past, this is still essential. 

    If they’re not on the gas safe register, they’re not qualified to work on any form gas appliance in your home. No ifs, no buts.

    If you have knowledge of the gas engineer’s details beforehand like their gas safe number.

    Check whether they’re qualified to complete the work before they even arrive. 

    Get in touch with the Gas Safe Register. 

    They have an online company or engineer checker that you can use.

    It’s called ‘check an engineer’, or you can call them on 0800 408 5500

    You’ll need to know the engineers unique 7-digit licence number (which is on their ID card). or gas safe number.

    All gas engineers are issued with a new ID card annually, each new card will have a different licence number from the previous year.

    If you don’t have the details of your gas engineer before they arrive, don’t panic. 

    All Gas Safe engineers – including British Gas engineers – must carry their Gas Safe ID card at all times.

    Don’t be afraid to ask to see it when they arrive at your home, it’s your right.

    No card no work.

    They may be Gas Safe Registered, but are they qualified for your job?

    Always Check your engineer’s Gas Safe ID card, on the front you’ll see their photo and expiry date.

    On the back is a list of appliances they’re qualified to work on.

    It’s very important to check what work they’re qualified to do before you engage them. 

    You will see two columns one for natural gas, the other for LPG. 

    Check the appliances listed like a gas boiler, cooker and water heater to name but a few.

    Ask friends and family for a recommendation.

    Whilst a recommendation shouldn’t be your go-to means of finding a local LPG plumber or engineer, It’s a good place to start. 

    Ask your friends and family in your area whom they’ve used in the past for any type of gas work. 

    Once you’ve got the details, call the gas engineer and explain the issue you’re having finding a local LPG plumber.

    Ask if they are qualified to work with LPG and if so, what appliances they can work on.

    Ask what appliances they are qualified to work on as well as the gas type (as per their ID card)

    So that you can make sure they’re qualified to complete the work you require.

    Request their Gas Safe licence number so you can carry out a check.

    After your call with them, you can follow up with the ‘check an engineer’ on the gas safe register and be totally confident that they’re trustworthy and experienced.

    Use reliable directories

    There are plenty of reliable online directory sources out there, there are also plenty of untrustworthy ones too.

    If you’re unable to get a recommendation from your friends and family, be sure to use reliable online resources. 

    The Gas Safe Register states that a higher percentage of illegal gas fitters advertise their services online as well as the local papers.

    Very few of these resources complete a full gas registration check.

    Yellow Pages and Thompson Local check for gas registration, this stops the illegal gas workers advertise services such as ‘gas fitters,’ ‘gas boiler service’ and ‘boiler care’.

    What to watch out for

    If you’re suspicious of a rogue trader — even just looking for some key warning signs we’ve compiled a few tips for you to look out for:

    They’ll likely advertise and undertake other home jobs such as plumbing work, electrical work even kitchen and bathroom installs.

    Most unqualified gas engineers will use the Gas Safe logo. 

    They’ll put it on their advertising materials, their estimates and invoices — even on their vans.

     It doesn’t mean they’re registered. 

    The only way to be 100% sure is to ask for their Gas Safe ID card then call the Gas Safe Register as mentioned earlier.

    They may use confusing, technical jargon to try and throw you off balance, don’t fool for it.

    They may even ask for cash upfront. 

    A rogue trader will likely charge you more than they’ve quoted for as well as demand full payment before any work is carried out.

    Don’t forget though, your registered Gas Safe engineer will always be the best person to advise you on your individual needs. 

    Whether you’ve got a boiler problem, a leaking gas pipe or a complete gas failure, we are here to help.

    Before you make contact, carry out a check us on the gas safe register.

    Then once you have done your checks you can book a repair appointment online and choose a date and time for our engineer to come.

    We hope this helps in your search for a Local LPG Plumber.