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    LGP Appliances gas hob safety check.

    Owning a mobile home has its advantages, but just like your main home, it needs to be maintained.

    LPG appliancesare no different from natural gas appliances, they need to be checked regularly for safety.

    We hear many times from owners, that all the LPG appliances in my mobile home don’t get used that much.

    So don’t need checking as often. Wrong.

    The problem here is when an appliance is not used that much, it’s more prone to problems than if it was used on a regular basis.

    So let’s look at the LPG appliances.

    Gas fires in mobiles are one of the most used LPG appliances.

    If left unchecked could become poetically dangerous.

    The gas fire is normally used on the early summer evenings when it turns a little chilly to warm up.

    If the mobile home is located close to tress, the flue pipe from the fire could become blocked.

    This is normally due to leaves dropping on the flue.

    This is a common problem that always gets overlooked.

    Once the flue is blocked, products of combustion cannot escape, they will eventually start to spill into the room the fire is located in. 

    You won’t see it, even smell it.

    So it’s imperative to have the fire checked before you start using it, 

    Keep in mind to check the flue regular for anything that might block it up.

    It’s a good idea to install a carbon monoxidedetector in every room with a gas appliance.

    Your mobile home will have air vents located around it, they are there to supply fresh oxygen to the appliances,

    Whatever you do, don’t block them off, they are there for a reason.

    Boilers and water heaters, again just like the appliances at home needs to be inspected at least once a year. 

    The flues need to be checked to ensure they are performing and removing the products of combustion safely.

    An annual service is essential to ensure the appliance is working safely, no matter how little it is used.

    Cookers and hobs are appliances that tend to get overlooked, but just like any gas appliance, they should be checked for safety.

    Most static mobile homes will have either, two or four gas bottles that supply the gas for there LPG appliances.

    The gas bottles connect to the gas supply through a changeover valve.

    which will have either two or four hoses depending on the number of bottles used.

    These gas hoses have a date stamped on them and should be changed every five years, another item that always tends to get overlooked.

    All gas pipework should also be checked for leakage, this can be carried out when you have a gas safety inspection.

    Most mobile home parks in the United Kingdom are now asking for an annual gas safety inspection certificate, to ensure your mobile home is safe.

    Failure to have this inspection carried out will result in them asking you to remove your mobile from their park.

    LPG Appliances work under higher pressure than the natural gas appliances you have at home.

    They can be a lot more dangerous if not inspected.

    Always besafe and have your gas appliances inspected, be it at home or at your mobile.