• LPG Cooker Conversion

    You decide to buy a new gas cooker and get excited when it is delivered.

    Only to find out you need an LPG cooker conversion carried out, as it is set up to work only on natural gas and not LPG.

    So what will you need?

    You will need to acquire an LPG cooker conversion kit for the appliance.

    These kits are normally only available from the cooker manufacture, or a registered gas spares stockist.

    I know many sellers on eBay offer these LPG conversion kits, but they are not a registered gas spare stockist.

    If you buy from eBay you don’t know what you are getting.

    They could send you anything and you would be none the wiser.

    Whereas a registered gas spares stockist will supply the correct conversion kit as per the maker’s spare parts list.

    Should you buy a second-hand cooker it may not even be possible to convert it over to LPG.

    I have seen gas cookers aged 25 years and over that, someone has tried to convert.

    It had to be condemned when a gas safety inspection was carried out as it was classed as immediately dangerious.

    Before you purchase an LPG cooker conversion kit, you will need to find out the model number of the cooker.

    You will also need the serial number.

    Some cookers have an identification plate with full specifications located on the bottom of the oven door.

    Failing that, check the back of the cooker and make a note of all the details.

    The best Free advice I can give you is to contact a gas safe registered engineer, they need to be registered to work with domestic LPG appliances.

    Not all gas safe engineers are registered for LPG, so be sure to check.

    They will be able to advise you on what is needed to convert your cooker to work with LPG.

    Ask what they will charge to carry out the conversion for you.

    You will also have peace of mind knowing a qualified gas engineer has completed the conversion safely for you.

    You can find an LPG registered engineer local to where you live through the gas safe register.

    Anybody who works with gas must be registered by law, so the register is your best option.

    It’s easy to use, you just enter your postcode and details of engineers close to you will be displayed.

    There is also a contact number for you to use if you are not sure how to use the website.

    It may sound easy to carry out an LPG cooker conversion, but some cookers have a special way of being converted.

    Some need to have the air intake of each burner adjusted.

    This is so the flame gets the correct amount of oxygen and burns correctly with a crisp blue flame.

    Some ovens have to be set up a special way, so it’s best to ensure you have the installation manual available.

    OK, I know you want to save on costs, but just converting the jets is not the full story.

    Also you will need an LPG cooker hose to replace the old natural gas one if you buy a second-hand cooker.

    You cannot use the natural gas cooker hose because LPG will corrode it over time and may cause a gas leak.

    You can use an LPG cooker hose on both LPG and natural gas, but not the other way round.

    LPG is heavier than natural gas, if the gas should leak it will drop to floor level and could build up, natural gas though is lighter.

    Sometimes it can work out cheaper to buy an already converted LPG cooker, some of the bigger stores offer a limited stock of LPG cookers.

    Gas in the wrong hands is very dangerous.

    Yes, you may think you know what you are doing, but should something goes wrong you would never forgive yourself.

    Another thing to take into consideration is your home insurance, should you need to make a claim you may find your insurance is void.

    All registered gas engineers must renew their qualifications every five years, as well as their gas safe registration every year.

    For an engineer to be able to work on LPG appliances they must first be registered for natural gas.

    They then sit another set of exams for LPG, so you can see there is a lot involved to be gas safe registered for LPG.

    I hope this article has been informative and help you in your search for LPG cooker conversion.