• LPG Hose Maintenance
    Regulator for propane-butane gas cylinder and accessories on a wooden workshop table. Gas accessories in the workshop. Dark background.

    LPG hose maintenance is something that tends to get forgotten about until a problem happens.

    Properties that use LPG as an alternative to natural gas, will normally have, either a storage tank or gas bottles.

    They supply the gas for the appliances.

    If gas is supplied via the storage tank, then gas is supplied to most appliances through a rigid pipe, which is normally made of copper.

    When the gas bottle setup is used, they connect up to a changeover valve which supplies the gas to the appliances the same as the storage tank.

    The changeover valve set up uses either two or four gas bottles.

    Depending on the number of appliances connected as well as gas consumption.

    The connection from the bottles to the changeover valve is made by rubber hoses called pigtails.

    Over time these hoses will deteriorate and if not maintained will start to leak gas.

    Every hose is date stamped with the production date, so you know how old the hose is.

    It is a requirement to change any LPG hose connected to your gas supply every five years.

    While the hose may look good on the outside, internally it may be starting to deteriorate.

    Changing LPG hoses includes the pigtails connecting to the bottles, as well as any other hoses that are connected to your appliances.

    Failure to change the hoses every five years could result in a dangerous situation.

    Gas, be it LPG or natural gas needs maintenance, the main reason is SAFETY.

    So it’s a good idea to have your LPG hoses checked every time you have the gas boiler serviced.

    Some mobile homes and boats will have appliances like a cooker hob connected by a hosepipe.

    The same applies, any gas hosepipe should be changed every five years.

    When looking for a company to change your LPG hoses over for new, ensure the engineer is registered with gas safe to work on LPG.

    The best place to find a local company is to visit the gas safe register, you can find their details on Google.

    It’s best to call them up and tell them you are looking for an LPG registered company who can change your LPG hoses for you.

    They should give you details of three companies local to you who can undertake the work.

    Whatever you do, don’t use just anyone just because they are cheap.

     By using someone not registered, you will void your home, boat or mobile home insurance.

    LPG hose maintenance as you can see is very important.

    Always be SAFE.