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  • LPG water heaters come in all shapes and sizes.

    LPG Water Heaters
    LPG Water Heaters

    So what one is best for you?

    First, we have to look at the one it will be replacing.

    Mobile homes tend to have the Morco 6 and 10-litre models installed.
    Some may have the Worcester Bosch fitted but, the majority tend to have the Morco version.

    The Morco models have a permanent pilot which in turn is just wasting gas.

    Most new LPG water heaters now come with automatic ignition.

    Some time ago, Which magazine did a consumer test on permanent pilots to understand the costs involved.

    The results were staggering, on an average year just the pilot cost between £80-90 to run.

    That’s a lot of hard-earned cash to throw down the drain on a pilot light.

    Most modern LPG water heaters now come with automatic ignition.

    If your mobile home, boat or log cabin has the Morco water heater installed, you have the option of replacing it with a brand that is now one of the United Kingdom best sellers.

    Forcali LPG water heaters are now the best option to choose when replacing a morco.

    They come supplied with a flue collar that connects the existing flue to the new water heater.

    These water heaters also come supplied with spacing brackets, so they line up with the flue.

    With the pipe connections, they come with flexible hoses for the hot and cold water connections.

    Each water heater comes with a 10mm and 15mm connection fitting for the gas supply.

    The most common water heater to be replaced is the Morco 6 litre model.
    Forcali makes a 6litre version which is a direct replacement the Morco.

    They also produce a 10-litre model, again a direct replacement for the Morco 10 litre.

    Should you wish to upgrade from 6 to a 10-litre model, you will need a flue upgrade due to the size difference.

    The hole where the flue exits, will need to be increased in size due to a larger diameter flue pipe

    Forcali also produces a 12-litre version which is room sealed and fan flued. A much better option if you need a better hot water flow.

    Forcali designed these water heaters to save time when upgrading.

    Now you have a good idea on what LPG water heater to choose when the time comes to replace your old one.

    As with any gas appliances, natural gas or LPG, you must use a gas safe registered engineer to carry out the replacement.

    Installing your new water heater yourself is against the law and is classed as a criminal offence.

    You could also find your building insurance becomes void.

    If you need to find a Gas Safe Register installer local to you, search the Gas Safe Register.

    Ensure you search for an LPG gas engineer, if unsure you will see a contact number on the website that you can call for advice.

    Once you find an engineer arrange for a site visit to discuss the new water heater.

    We hope this article has been helpful in your search for a new LPG water heater.