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     Know more, save more, Control from anywhere.

    It’s time to rethink your heating system.  The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one.

    Learns your schedule to program itself. Turns down the heat when you’re away and can be controlled from your smart mobile phone.  

    See how much heat you used over the last ten days. Get an Energy Report every month to track and manage your energy use.

    Energy History

    The more you know, the more you can save. So the Nest Thermostat shows you how much heat you use and why

    Nest Leaf

    You’ll see the Leaf when you pick an energy-efficient temperature or setting. It guides you in the right direction.

    True Radiant

    No more guessing. True Radiant learns how your home warms up so you’ll only use as much heat as you actually need.


    Nest Thermostats senses when it’s heating up in direct sunlight and automatically adapts to read and set the right temperature.

     Programmer and thermostat in one.

    For the first time, you can change the temperature, adjust your schedule and see how much energy you use from one place.


    Just turn it up and down. These Nest Thermostats learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.


    Don’t waste energy heating an empty home. Nests Thermostat automatically turns down the heat when you’re away.

    Remote control

    Change the temperature from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Time to rethink your heating system.

    Water heating Cooking Lighting Appliances 65%of your home’s energy bill.

    Traditional thermostats

    Heating makes up 65% of your energy bill – about £1340 a year – but heating controls have scarcely changed in decades.

    You shouldn’t have to walk back and forth to the programmer to get comfortable. turn on the heat for an hour and hope it’s enough.

    guess what the heating bill will look like. Or freeze solid in the name of efficiency.

    Source: 2011 Great Britain’s housing energy fact.

    You work hard to save energy.

    Now let Nest do the work. Heating


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