• Some Common Boiler Faults Explained.

    Do you have a faulty boiler?

    Your boiler may be the only source of heating you have in your home.

    When it breaks down, not only will it leave you cold but it may cause you a lot of stress as well as expense to get it repaired.

    This article will provide you with details of the most common boiler faults you may experience with your boiler.

    If you require a boiler repair or an annual boiler service then only use a Gas Safe Registered company or engineer. 

    We can provide you with details of boiler manufacturers which provide you with one of their official service engineers to repair your boiler.

    Even carry out your annual boiler service should wish to use them.

    My boiler is leaking

    There are a number of reasons why your boiler may be leaking.

    If it’s leaking from the temperature and pressure relief valve then it could be one of 2 things. 

    There could be too much water pressure in your boiler or the boiler is heating the water too much. 

    The correct pressure for most systems is 1.2 bar when cold, any more and it could start to discharge when the boiler starts to heat up.

    There could be a crack in one of the boiler’s cast iron sections. This can be expensive to repair though. Or it could be leaking from the seals in your boiler pump.

    My boiler is losing pressure

    If your boiler is losing pressure then you may have a leak in your central heating system. 

    The commonplace to lose water is usually from the valves of your radiators. 

    We would suggest you first check each radiator for signs of a leak and tighten/replace any valves that need changing. 

    Failing that you may want to book a boiler repair and get a Gas Safe registered engineer to look at it.

    My boiler is not heating water

    There are a number of boiler faults that could cause your boiler to fail to heat your water

    With modern boilers these days they will provide you with details of the specific boiler fault. 

    Your boiler will display boiler fault codes which can normally be found on the front of your boiler. 

    Do you need a gas central heating engineer to carry out a boiler repair?

    My boiler won’t ignite

    Does your heating system have a motorized value? 

    It’s quite common for the valve motor to stop working or get stuck and cause the value to stop working. 

    The flow value could also cause you a problem. 

    This tells the system that water is running through the system and it needs to fire up. 

    The valve is apparently made of rubber and can perish and get a hole in it.

    This will cause it not to register water flowing, You may wish to book a Gas Safe engineer to repair your boiler.

    I have no hot water, no central heating

    Your boiler is built up of a number of different components and all could play a part in your central heating system not working. 

    First, you should check the fuse for your boiler, if this needs changing then your boiler won’t start or your boiler won’t show any display. 

    The fuse should not be more than 3amp, any more and you could cause a lot of damage to your system.

    If you have tried this and your boiler displays power then do you boiler show a boiler fault code? 

    This fault code may provide you with details of the fault for your boiler. 

    If you still require a boiler repair then we can provide you with that service.

    My hot water is slow

    Do you have a hot water cylinder? 

    If so, your hot water may work on gravity so you should check the value in the cold-water tank is working ok. 

    You may also have an airlock, blockage or stuck gate value somewhere. 

    You could have limescale partly blocking the outlet on the top of the hot water storage tank.

    I have water boiler problems

    Your boiler has a series of control mechanisms designed to distribute heat and hot water through your central heating system. 

    If your boiler is failing to work then check the display on your boiler for fault codes, this may give you the reason for the fault.

    You can carry out simple checks your self but always use a Gas Safe Registered approved heating engineer to repair your boiler. 

    Check your thermostat., programmer and time switches. 

    The radiator valve and electronic programmer may help get you boiler back up and running.

    Frozen condensate pipes

    How can I tell if my boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen?

    • If the outside temperature is or has been below freezing
    • Your boiler is displaying a fault code

    If so, you should reset your boiler. If this fails to get your boiler working then you almost certain that your condensate pipe is frozen. 

    You should contact your boiler installer in order to thaw the condensate and find a permanent solution to freezing condensate pipe.

    How to thaw frozen condensate pipes?

    The first method of thawing the condensate pipe is to pour hot water, make sure it’s NOT BOILING WATER, over the outside of the frozen section of the pipe. 

    This could take around 30 minutes and your boiler won’t ignite until the pipe is fully thawed.

    Some Common Boiler Faults