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  • Forcali LPG Water Heaters

    Forcali is now one of the maker leaders in the United Kingdom for LPG water heaters. Ideal if you have a mobile home or log cabin with a water heater that needs replacing. Many earlier mobile homes were fitted with the Morco and Worcester water heaters. Now, most new mobiles homes come fitted with an LPG central heating boiler that supplies the heating as well as the hot water. [...]

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    LPG Regulators and Pigtails

    How often should LPG regulators and pigtails be changed? This is a common question we as LPG installers get asked quite a lot. For those of you who do not know what a pigtail is, it’s the hose pipe that connects the gas bottle to the changeover valve. LPG pigtails have a date stamped on them, this will normally be when the pigtail was manufactured. All hoses and pigtails need to be[...]

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    LPG An Alternative To Oil

    An Alternative To Oil If you live in an area where there is no mains gas connected to your property, The chances are you have an oil boiler to heat your home and an electric cooker to do your cooking on. But there is an alternative, LPG. So what is LPG? LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, it’s just like natural gas but is stored in either tanks or cylinders within your property.[...]

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