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  • LPG Gas Bottles Safety

    LPG Gas Bottles Safety, Based in Suffolk we can help. Table of contentsLPG gas bottles safety sometimes gets overlooked.An LPG gas bottle is a potential bomb if not used safely and correctly.When using two bottles or more, ensure they are all of the same size.You can buy a gas cage that will disguise the bright red bottles should you wish to.You need to buy from an LPG registered cage [...]

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    LPG Pigtails and Regulators

    Table of contentsHow often should your LPG pigtails and regulators be changed?The LPG pigtails should be replaced every five years without failThe inspection will include checking all pigtails and regulators for any signs of damage or wear.It’s a good idea to protect them from the sunlight by using some form of protective cover.Ask your LPG installer which one he would recommend.The worst [...]

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