• When is the right time to change my boiler?

    Is your boiler safe
    Is your boiler safe

    OK First, let us ask a few simple questions.

    1 Your fuel bills, would say they are on the high side?

    2 Does your boiler make strange noises while it is working?

    3 How long does it take to heat your home up to a comfortable temperature?

    4 Last question, how old is your boiler?

    OK, let look at the first question.

    As we all know the cost of fuel is continually rising, so if you consider your monthly costs a little on the high side, it time to call in an expert who can determine why this is.

    To keep your boiler running efficiently, and working at its optimum performance, it should be maintained annually.

    Sadly this is not always carried out.

    If your boiler is not maintained, over time it will start to use more fuel due to lack of maintenance.

    You will be surprised at how many boilers in the United Kingdom are not maintained.

    Part of the annual maintenance is ensuring that all the internal parts are working as they should be. 

    If the internal pump, for example, is not working 100%.

    It will make the boiler work harder to produce the heat required to heat your property thus, using more fuel.

    What a lot of people don’t realise is, maintenance of the boiler is also checking that it is still safe to use.

    Some boilers are located in bedrooms, so it’s vital to have them checked over for safety.

    One of the reasons we hear for not having the boiler checked over is cost, but in the long term, it will cost you more.

    Having up to date controls, such as a smart thermostat, as well as thermostatic radiator valves will help reduce your fuel costs.

    Now let’s look at strange noises from your boiler.

    If you notice the boiler is now making a different noise to what it used to, it can indicate something is wrong.

    The cause could be many things, so it’s best to let a gas safe registered boiler expert check it over for you.

    One of the most common reasons for strange noises is scale buildup within the boiler heat exchanger. 

    The cause is normally down to dirty water within the system, which starts to grow into scale.

    Overtime the boiler will eventually stop working, as the waterways start to block up.

    This can also be another reason why the boiler takes a long time to heat your property.

    The water within the heating system should be treated with an inhibitor, this stops the build-up of sludge and scale build-up.

    The inhibitor should be checked and topped up every year to ensure the water is protected.

    If at any time radiators are removed for decorating, the inhibitor should be topped up, sadly this rarely happens.

    The last question, how old is your boiler.

    A well-maintained boiler should last a long time, but an unmaintained boiler will only last 7to 9 years.

    If your boiler is over 14 years old, it will be using more fuel than a modern boiler.

    Older boiler efficiency ratings are around 55% whereas modern boilers work at around 90%.

    As you can see that’s a big difference of 45% that you could be saving.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have a boiler warranty because your boiler is only a few years old. No maintenance, no warranty.

    Get your boiler checked over by your local boiler company, be safe, be gas safe.