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  • Tips For Saving On Those Fuel Bills

    Fuel Bills

    6 Tip for saving on you heating fuel bills

    With the cost of fuel bills these days any form of saving is a bonus. So how do you cut these fuel bills and start saving?

    Fuel Bills

    The first and most saving tip of all is by having your boiler serviced regular. 

    All boilers should be serviced annually, as stated by the manufactures. 

    By having your boiler serviced You can be sure that the boiler is working at its peak performance. 

    A boiler that has not been looked after will increase your fuel bills.

    Over time it will need to work harder to produce the heat you require. 

    The combustion of the boiler needs to be checked and reset if needed. 

    The combustion is all about the efficiency of the boiler.

    If the combustion is wrong then the fuel bills will rise.

    The boiler is the engine of you’re heating system, it need to be looked after. 

    The water in you’re heating system needs to be clean.

    Should be  checked over regular when the boiler is serviced. 

    Dirty water can increase your fuel bills a lot.

    It makes the pump have to work a lot hard due to sludge build up on the impeller. 

    The boiler then also works harder to give you the heat you need. 

    The water in the heating system needs to be kept clean.

    This is done by flushing the system water with a cleaning agent.

    Once the system is clean then add an inhibitor. 

    The inhibitor needs to be checked and topped up if needed with the boiler service.


    Fit an inline filter to the boiler.

    These are normally fitted to the return pipe.

    The last connection before entering the boiler. 

    The filter will stop any sludge particles and debris entering the boilers heat exchanger and causing blockages or restrictions. 

    If the boiler has any form of restriction then it will increase the fuel bills.

    Bcause the boiler is having to work harder and using more fuel. 

    The inline filter is also a good way to add the inhibitor to the system. 

    The filter should also be checked annually to remove any sludge or debris that it may have collected over time. 

    A good make to use is MagAClean, they have a 2 year warranty.

    Most boiler manufactures now recommend that they be fitted to the system. 

    An inline filter will help keep those fuel bills down, and also keep the boiler and system clean.

    Fit thermostatic control valves to all radiators.

    By doing this you will have total control of the heat in every room. 

    If you have ten radiators fitted in your property by fitting thermostats you could be only using say six.

    Because once the room is warm enough the thermostat will shut down.

    When the temperature drops the thermostat will reopen and reheat the room. 

    When the thermostats close the boiler does not need to work as hard, thus saving on those fuel bills.


    System controls.

    You should have a programmer that controls the times for the heating and the hot water.

    Both being connected to thermostats.

    You should be able to control the heating and hot water independently of each other. 

    The smart controls that are now appearing in the shops are another good form of cutting the fuel bills.

    Most of them work via the Internet.

    So it’s important if you are going to have smart controls fitted you have a good internet connection. 

    They work by the weather in your area and adjust the boiler according to the weather conditions. 

    Again another good way to save on the fuel bills. 


    The boiler. 

    if your boiler is over ten years old then you are wasting money on your fuel bills. 

    Around 60% of your fuel is used by the boiler and the rest just goes out of the flue. 

    By fitting a new high efficiency boiler it will cut your fuel bills from anywhere for 30-40%. 

    Which as you can see is a big saving.

    All these tips on reducing fuel bills add up and are not cheap.

    Just by implementing a few, you will see a big difference on your fuel bills.

    The most important one is have the boiler serviced regular. 

    Then if you ever need to drain your heating system down for any reason, the fitting of thermostats on the radiators, it’s easy once the system is drained. 

    If when you drain the system and you noticed the water was black.

    Do a chemical flush, on refill add an inhibitor to the system.

    There are still many ways to cut down on those fuel bills.

    These just are six of the easiest ones to implement. 

    Don’t forget though.

    If you want to upgrade your boiler you will need a gas safe company to carry out this work for you. 

    To find your local gas safe company visit the gas safe register.

    Enter your post code, and you should get the details of three local companies.

    Who will be only too glad to advise you accordingly on how to cut those fuel bills.