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  • Vaillant Eco Tec System Boilers

    Vaillant Eco-Tec System boilers come in many sizes, They range from 12 kW up to 37 kW.

    With a system boiler, you don’t need the feed and expansion tank normally located in the loft area.

    These boilers have an expansion vessel built in so no tank is required.

    pump and bypass valve are also built into the boiler.

    The Vaillant Eco-Tec System boilers work on high pressure,

    so the system is sealed up and pressurised. The working pressure when the system is cold is around 1.2 bar.

    This is the standard pressure required for the boiler to work correctly.

    When replacing an old open vented boiler with a new Eco-Tec, the system needs to be flushed out to clear any sludge and debris from the system.

    The old pump can be removed and the pipework connected up together.

    If the system has a bypass fitted then this can be removed as well.

    Vaillant Eco-Tec system boilers come with a standard 5-year warranty as standard,

    but if installed by a Vaillant advance trained installer, then this will increase to 7 years warranty.

     warranty comes with terms and conditions that need to be met,

    otherwise the warranty becomes void.

    The main part of the warranty is that the 
    boiler is serviced once a year by a gas safe registered installer,

    and the details recorded and signed, in the benchmark book that comes with the boiler upon purchase.

    The benchmark book is a legal document and needs to stay with the boiler.

    No boiler service, then no warranty.

    eco TEC plus high-efficiency system boiler range combines fantastic efficiency

    levels and high performance with great usability. Usually installed with a hot water cylinder either

    vented or unvented, this system boiler needs to be filled directly from the incoming water mains.

    Using premium components for outstanding performance,

    and featuring innovations such as a new high-efficiency pump for reduced energy consumption, t

    his range of boilers offers quality, reliability and efficiency, the very best in home heating.

    For the best results and most cost-effective system,

    your gas safe installer should carry out a full heat loss calculation of your home,

    taking into consideration the age and size of your property, the installer will be able to determine

    which model is best suited for your home.

    The typical installation of these Vaillant ecoTEC system boilers usually takes between 1-2 days to install,

    however, some time should be allocated for systems where radiators and pipework need replacing.

    Advance modulation during periods of low heat demand normally when 1-2 radiators are on ensures low energy consumption and maximum efficiency.

    These Eco-Tec models are available for LPG for off gas areas as well.

    They Come with a stylish contoured case design with drop down flap making these a boilers which fit with the decor of any home.

    Depending on you’re heating system requirements, a boiler replacement installation of this kind

    typically costs between £2200-£3500 depending on the model required and any other works needed.

    By upgrading an old standard gas boiler to this new condensing system

    (with weather compensating controls and an outdoor sensor) you could save in the region of 1,265kg of C02 per year.

    This could save up to approximately £255 on your gas bill per year.

    These figures are only estimates, It all depends on the type of system you have.

    These Vaillant Eco-Tec Boilers are known all over the world, for their reliability and efficiency.

    Vaillant boilers are tested to a very high standard before they leave the factory,

    so that when they arrive at their new home to be installed,

    you know that once installed you will have a very high-quality boiler that will save you on your fuel bills and work for many years to come.

    Any system that has a new boiler installed, not just Vaillant’s but any boiler will need to be flushed out and cleaned,

    once cleaned then an inhibitor needs to be added to protect the boiler and system form sludge build up.

    If you have an interest in Vaillant Eco-Tec System Boilers and would like more information,

    then please enter your details in the boxes below and request a callback.