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    DuvalHeating Who Can Legally Undertake Work On A Gas Appliance?
  • This explains the law regarding who can work on a gas appliance.

     Gas Appliance

    Gas safety legislation in Great Britain.

    Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Guernsey.

    Set out what is defined as gas ‘work.

    Generally the definition of “work in relation to gas fitting.

    Lists specific activities which are: 

    Maintaining, servicing, permanently adjusting, disconnecting.

    Repairing, altering or renewing the fitting or purging it of air or gas.

     Gas Appliance

    Where the fitting is not readily movable.

    Changing its position; removing the fitting.

    These activities can only be undertaken by a competent Gas Safe registered engineer.

    What gas work can I do myself? 

    Gas Appliance

    The definition of gas ‘work’ is quite wide ranging.

    But you can perform the tasks set out in the user’s instructions.

    Provided by the appliance manufacturer.

    That are intended for the user to carry out. 

    Gas Appliance

    This would not be a breach of the law.

    The law allows you to replace or adjust any component or control.

    That is designed to be operated or replaced by the gas.

    Consumer e.g. a cooker tap control knob.

    Gas Appliance

    However you should not do anything that involves disturbing the gas carrying 

    Such as the gas supply pipe or that could affect the combustion process.

    Like removing the combustion case of an appliance.

    See Can I take the case off my gas appliance?below.

    What gas work can be undertaken by other tradespersons?

    Gas Appliance

    If the work required only involves the replacement of a water carrying component.

    Like a pump or central heating control valve, housed within the boiler’s decorative casing.

    The work could be undertaken by another competent tradesperson e.g. plumber/electrician. 

    Providing the work could be undertaken without having to break a combustion chamber seal.

    See Can I take the case off my gas appliance?below.

    Disturbing any gas carrying component.

    It would not need to be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

    Gas Appliance

    However, many Gas Safe registered engineers will also have the necessary competence.

    Required to determine and rectify plumbing and electrical faults on gas appliances. 

    It is not acceptable for someone who is not Gas Safe registered to fit a gas appliance.

    Or do other gas work and then have the work checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

    Both parties would be breaking the law.

    Can I take the case off my gas appliance?

    It depends on whether the case is purely decorative or whether it is an integral part of the appliance.

    Decorative casing:

    These cases can usually be removed by the consumer.

    E.G. can be lifted off or are hinged panels and do not need to be unscrewed. 

    A decorative case can be removed safely by the consumer.

    Or anybody else remembering to follow any warning labels.

    And making sure you have isolated any electrical parts. 

    However, if you are in any doubt, always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

    Integral casing

    Many appliances have cases which form a seal .

    Around the gas carrying components e.g. 

    Burner, combustion chamber, etc as well as being decorative. 

    If removing the case involves undoing a number of screws.

    This normally means it is a functional case and it should not be removed by the consumer.

    Or a person who is not Gas Safe registered.

    Gas Appliance