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    DuvalHeating Why it’s important to check the gas safe card
  • You should always check the gas safe card.

    Why it’s important to check the gas safe card When you need to call In your local gas safe company to service your boiler. Or anything to do with gas.

    You should always ask to see the engineers gas safe card. 

    On the card will be a picture of the person in question. 

    You will also see the gas safe registration number along with the expiry date.

    Next. You should now turn the gas safe card over and check to make sure that the engineer is qualified.

    To carry out the work you require.

    This is very important. Let’s say you want your boiler repaired.

    You should be looking for boilers. Then check the expiry date next to it.

    Checking the gas safe card is very important. It falls upon the gas user to check the engineer is qualified.

    For whatever gas work he may be working on. Under the regulations, the gas user is responsible to check that the person who will be carrying out the work is qualified.

    In the worst case should something go wrong?

    You may find your home insurance becomes void.

    Because you engaged someone to work on your gas who was not qualified. 

    When checking the gas safe card if you feel something may not be right.

    You can go onto the gas safe website and check out the engineer in question. We always tell our customers to check the website anyway, just for peace of mind.

    Today there are so many people claiming to be gas safe registered that you have to protect yourself and your property. 

    That’s why it is important to check the card. 

    We as a company get called to many jobs that have been carried out by someone not qualified. 

    Sometimes the work has to be started all over again because the work did not conform to gas and building regulations. 

    This then becomes expensive for you the homeowner.

    When we get called to a job that involves gas work, we show the customer the card. Explaining that the work to be carried out is covered on the card. 

    From talking to some of our customers. We find that when they have called in other companies in the past. They were not advised or shown the card.

    They were just told yes madam or sir we are gas safe registered. You’ve called in someone to service your boiler.

    You are shown the gas safe card.

    You look at it and yes they are registered but, what for? 

    That’s why it is so important to check the back of the card.

    They may only be registered to work on cookers and not boilers.

    Something else that is quite common is you are having an extension built. And the flue from your boiler is in the way and needs to be moved.

    The builder tells you don’t worry we can alter it for you. You should ask if they are gas safe registered and if so, can they show you the card.

    If they say don’t worry we will get one of our plumbers to move it. Again when they arrive you want to see the card. 

    If they cannot show you the card then you need to tell them not to work on the flue.

    Many accidents happen by builders moving the boiler flue who are not gas safe registered. 

    The flue from the boiler removes the product of combustion from the boiler.

    If it is not altered correctly in accordance with the maker’s instructions it can be deadly.

    Every gas safe engineer carries the gas safe card with them.

    This is a regulation, no card no work. 

    Without the card, you don’t know if they are really registered or not. Gas safe has been trying to educate the general public on the safety of gas.

    And why you should always ask to see the gas safe card before any work is carried out.

    Each year gas safe run gas safety week and gets its member to promote it all over the country. 

    Gas can be deadly in the wrong hands.

    That’s why it’s so important to ask to see the gas safe card. 

    So next time you call in someone to do some work on your gas, ask to see the card.