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  • Worcester Greenstar Junior Service

    The Worcester Greenstar junior is a very good compact combination boiler; it comes in two sizes 24kw and 28kw.

    It’s very easy to install and is quite small, so it’s ideal for the kitchen cupboard.

    So long as the required clearances are available for the service of the boiler.

    Worcester Greenstar junior has been around for a few years now, but in general a good boiler.

    Parts are quite easy to get hold of should you need them.

    The Worcester Greenstar junior like any other boiler should be serviced regularly.

     If you look after your boiler then, your boiler will look after you.

    The boiler service should not be attempted unless you have a flue gas analyser so that you can measure the CO/CO2.

    Worcester makes this very clear in the boiler instructions.

    No one unless Gas Safe Registered should attempt to try and work on the boiler.

    Safety being the main reason, also you will void any warranty you may have left.

    OK, first let’s check the flue on the Worcester Greenstar Junior, check any visible joints for any sign of leakage or corrosion.

    Should the flue run through any type of voids, then inspection panels should have been fitted.

     As of 1st January 2013, any joints that can be seen in the

    inspection panels again need to be checked.

    If no inspection panels have been fitted then I would stop the boiler service and issue a warning notice.

    These inspection panels must be installed.

    Before January 1st this would have been classed as, AT Risk, now it’s classed as Immediately Dangerous.

    Let’s get the Worcester Greenstar Junior fired up on the hot water side and stick the flue gas analyser probe into the flue.

    On the flue elbow on top of the boiler are two holes,

    one to check the combustion and the other the air.

    First, we check the airside to make sure no combustion fumes are entering the airside.

    Next, we probe the combustion side and take a reading and record, we are looking at the CO/CO2 readings.

    That done, we now need to remove the cover,

    You will find two screws on the top and two underneath pointing at a slight angle, undo these and remove the cover.

    Once the cover has been removed, lower the front panel, this is held in place by one screw.

    Gently pull it forward and lower it down.

    Now have a good look around inside the boiler, for any form of leakage or corrosion,

    Just do a visible check. Should you find any problems then these will need to be addressed.

    Let check the gas supply first, is it the right size, take a reading with the boiler off.

    Now into hot water mode, again see what reading you have, if ok, then fine, if not then this will need to be addressed.

    Now we need to measure the pressure readings on the fan.

    We attach a manometer to the test point-set the boiler to run in service mode.

    In this mode, it will run for 15 minutes, so it’s important that the radiators are in the on position so the boiler doesn’t overheat.

    These reading will tell us if the heat exchanger will need cleaning.

    Should the heat exchanger on the Worcester Greenstar junior need cleaning then you will need a special accessory kit.

    So don’t attempt to clean unless you have this kit. 

    It’s very important that you have this kit; basically, it’s a gasket.

    If you need to clean the heat exchanger then this is a bigger form of boiler service and will take you a little longer.

    We now need to check the condense line we are looking for any form of blockages or leaks.

    On the Worcester Greenstar Junior, the condense syphon or trap has a removable drainage cap, remove this and cleanout.

    Once clean replace the cap, make sure that it reseals correctly, as it sometimes can be a little tricky. 

    Just as your driving down the road you get a phone call from the client telling you the boiler is leaking.

    So double-check before you pack up your tools.

    Now let put everything back together and check that it’s all working. 

    I have a habit of, once the boiler has been serviced, I carry out another Gas Tightness test; this just gives me peace of mind. 

    That done, fire up the boiler checks the hot water flow rate.

    Then another flue gas test, check the reading, then I print off and leave with the client.

    Fill in the benchmark for the Worcester Greenstar Junior, to say it’s been serviced, in the comment box.

    I always leave a little comment like ok, or may need parts on the next service.

    These Worcester Greenstar Junior boilers are a great piece of kit, and I would recommend them to anyone.

    If you are interested in these boilers then I would recommend you contact your local Gas Safe Registered Company or Engineer.